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Female Hair Loss In 30s - Why Some Women Experience Hair Loss In Their 30s

The symptoms of female hair loss while in their 30s can be attributed to a lot of factors. While more men are predisposed to baldness starting in their 30s, hair thinning and loss happens to women at this early age as well.

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Female hair loss in your 30s can be distressing. The loss of hair to women at any age can affect the confidence and self-esteem of any woman. It gets even harder when you face the problem at a younger age. Women in their 30s are sophisticated and in their prime. They are understandably highly conscious of fashionable hair and hair trends, thus thinning or hair loss becomes an adversity. But whatever the reasons are as we will discuss, most can be treated and turned around.

Female Hair Loss Factors For Women In Their 30s

Androgenic alopecia affects women and men and is the most common type of hair loss. This condition is known as the “female pattern baldness” which can be due to a lot of factors, similar to older women:

Dietary deficiency is one of the culprits that causes androgenic alopecia. The lack or inadequacy of essential vitamins such as Vitamin A, certain B Vitamins of the B complex, Vitamin C, protein, zinc, iron, phosphorous and magnesium. While these are found in natural sources such as seafoods, lean meat, poultry, fruits and vegetables, an unbalanced and poor diet can affect scalp and hair follicles resulting to hair fall.

Hormonal changes or imbalance due to menstrual periods and oral contraceptives are also the woman’s enemy to maintain healthy glowing tresses.

Pregnancy and child-birth can be considered hair loss in women causes. These events impact a woman's hormonal balance. Trauma from major surgery and operations can also bring about hair loss.

Radiation is one of female hair loss causes to consider. Sometime, it is unavoidable due to medical treatment. This type of hair loss is usually just temporary and reversible once the radiation treatment ends.

Hair styling approaches could contribute to hair loss in women in their 30s as well. Styling methods that requires excessive pulling of hair from the roots can hurt the hair follicles. If done very often, hair loss occurs.

Unhygienic practices can also lead to hair loss. When the hair is not kept clean always, fungus and bacteria can develop. This also makes the hair oily and the scalp is prone to the development of dandruff.

Glandular diseases or disorders such as goiter can result in hair loss.

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Treatment Options

If you are experiencing hair loss at this age, there are home remedies that you can opt to do alongside medical therapies after the diagnosis has been made by your medical physician. It is recommended that you consult a specialist or seek medical attention to evaluate your condition before any treatment begins.

Female hair loss for ladies in their 30s can be arrested and treated given the right diagnosis. It is always wiser to have an early diagnosis once the clinical symptoms of hair disorder are recognized. Hair loss solutions for women in their 30s are a plenty but the underlying cause should at once be determined so that treatment options can be explored and evaluated.